The Professors and Heads of Information Systems, New Zealand (PHIS-NZ) group represents NZ information systems academics and researchers in matters of national, regional and international importance.
PHIS-NZ provides a forum for discussion and debate on issues relating to the development of information systems as a discipline in NZ universities, advises the government on policies affecting university education and research and acts as a community of practice between information systems departments. 

Since its inception, it has organised annual meetings and information systems doctoral conferences.

PHIS-NZ members may become registered users of a 'members only' site, which will allow access to internal documents and other resources.


The 10th Annual NZ IS Doctoral Conference is to be held at the University of Waikato, 27 July 2019.

For further details, please see the NZISDC website

PHIS-NZ Workshop and AGM

The 2019 meeting of PHIS-NZ will be held at the University of Waikato, Hamilton,  on Friday 26th July 2019, prior to the PhD consortium taking place on Saturday 27th July, 2019. 

Nominations for the PHIS-NZ Information Systems Doctoral Thesis Award for 2020 are open.

Key points from the terms of reference (attached) include:

--The award is presented annually to the author of the most outstanding PhD thesis in Information Systems in a New Zealand university. The sponsor of the award is the Professors and Heads of Information Systems in New Zealand (PHIS-NZ).

--The author must have completed all requirements for graduation (i.e., successful completion of all examinations and thesis submitted to the university) by 31 December 2019.

--One nomination per university (more than one thesis can be nominated internally, but only one thesis can be nominated for the award).

--The submission consists of (i) a 3,000 word summary of thesis (excluding title, abstract and references) written by the nominee (template attached), (ii) a link to the thesis if it is available online or a PDF of the thesis, and (iii) a letter of support for the nomination from the nominating supervisor or HOD.

--All submissions are to be made to the Chair of PHIS-NZ (Annette Mills: annette.mills@canterbury.ac.nz) no later than 5.00pm on Friday 1, May 2020.

--The presentation of the award will be at the 2020 New Zealand Information Systems Doctoral Consortium (NZISDC) at the University of Canterbury.

Any questions, comments or suggestions can be sent to Annette Mills (annette.mills@canterbury.ac.nz ).