2015 - PHIS-NZ Best Doctoral Thesis Award

Dr. Vanesa Tennant receives 2015 PHIS-NZ Information Systems Doctoral Thesis Award

The panel convened to award the 2015 PHIS-NZ Information Systems Doctoral Thesis Award is pleased to announce the winner is:

Dr. Vanesa Tennant

University of Canterbury

for her research thesis: Understanding Changes in Post-Adoption Use of Information Systems (IS): A Generalized Darwinism Perspective

Supervisors: Associate Professor Annette Mills (primary) and Professor Wynne Chin


In 2015 the panel faced a difficult decision as the theses nominated by their respective institutions each showed significant contributions in several respects and offered a diverse range of research questions, methodologies, approaches and formats. Selected comments from the panellists about Dr. Tennant’s research include:

·    This thesis has extended the boundary of post-adoption studies and the research process and outcome look properly addressed and reached. Clearly the thesis is conducted in a rigorous and scientific way.

·    Research problem and gap: Good and well presented

·    Method was very well explained. Very ambitious, comprehensive model, which worked very well.


Dr. Tennant, currently a Lecturer at the University of Technology (Kingston, Jamaica), has been invited to receive the award and to make a brief presentation at the New Zealand Information Systems Doctoral Consortium in Auckland on 25th July 2015. An abstract of the thesis is included below. A summary of the thesis will be available on the PHIS-NZ Web site.


The panel also acknowledges the high quality of research evident in the nomination of:

Dr. Shahper Vodanovich

University of Auckland

for her research thesis: Digital Native Well-being and Development in Ubiquitous Spaces

Supervisors: Associate Professor David Sundaram (primary) and Professor Michael Myers


Dr. Vodanovich will be recognised with a Certificate of Achievement.


The members of the award panel for 2015 are:

·    Associate Professor Val Hooper, Victoria University of Wellington

·    Professor Robert McQueen, University of Waikato

·    Associate Professor William Wang, AUT University

·    Associate Professor Annette Mills, University of Canterbury (Chair)*

*To avoid any conflict of interest Annette Mills abstained from voting on Dr Tennant's thesis


The annual Information Systems Doctoral Thesis award is sponsored by the Professors and Heads of Information Systems in New Zealand (PHIS-NZ). PHIS-NZ provides a peer network for individuals responsible for administrating research and education in Information Systems schools and departments in all eight New Zealand universities.