2014 - PHIS-NZ Best Doctoral Thesis Award

The panel convened to award the 2014 PHIS-NZ Information Systems Doctoral Thesis Award is pleased to announce the winner is:

Dr Brad McKenna

University of Auckland

for his research thesis "An Exploration of Social Movements in Virtual Worlds"

Supervisors: Professor Michael Myers (primary) and Dr Lesley Gardner


Comments from the panel about the research, an abstract of the thesis, additional information about the award, etc are included in the attached announcement.


The panel acknowledges the high quality of research evident in the two other nominations:

Dr Sohaib Ahmed

Massey University

for his research thesis "Mobile Learning Ontologies: Supporting Abductive Inquiry-Based Learning in the Sciences"

Supervisors: Associate Professor David Parsons (primary), Associate Professor Hokyoung Ryu and Dr Mandia Mentis


Dr Lindsay Stuart

University of Canterbury

for his research thesis "The Effect of Organisational Cultures and Subcultures on Enterprise System Implementation"

Supervisors: Associate Professor Annette Mills (primary) and Professor Ulrich Remus

The members of the award panel for 2014 are:

--Associate Professor Dennis Viehland, Massey University (chair) 

--Professor Stephen Cranefield, University of Otago 

--Associate Professor Val Hooper, Victoria University in Wellington 

--Associate Professor Annette Mills, University of Canterbury


The thesis summary can be downloaded via the link below:

William Yu Chung Dr Wang,
5 Jun 2014, 05:39