Professors and Heads of Information Systems1 in New Zealand

Terms of Reference


The principal objective of PHIS-NZ is to provide a peer network for individuals who have responsibility for administering research and education in Information Systems departments and schools in New Zealand. Other objectives are to:
  • Promote Information Systems research and education in New Zealand;
  • Provide an expert perspective on matters of national and international importance that impact the Information Systems academic discipline in New Zealand;
  • Provide a forum for discussion and debate on issues relating to the development of Information Systems as a discipline in New Zealand universities;
  • Provide a mechanism for greater collaboration between Information Systems departments and schools; and
  • Support, liaise and collaborate with the Australian Council of Professors and Heads of Information Systems (ACPHIS).

Membership in PHIS-NZ includes all professors/associate professors and heads/ associate heads of departments and schools who have principal responsibility for delivery of research and education in the field of Information Systems in New Zealand.


A Chair and Deputy Chair will be elected by members of PHIS-NZ, normally for a two year term.


Meetings, including an annual general meeting, will be conducted as required.


PHIS-NZ will liaise with ACPHIS, AAIS (Australasian Association for Information Systems) and other organisations as required.


Secretarial assistance for PHIS-NZ will be provided by the Chair’s institution.

1Information Systems is considered to also include (but not be limited to) Management Information Systems, Information Management, Information Technology, Business Informatics, Information Science and Management Systems.
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